The ‘Now’ (Presence) and Meaning

‘Now’ cannot have meaning as Now as it is more fundamental than any thought construct. Any meaning is involves thought. However, the Now (Presence) as source of all is able to produce and attach meaning to what it projects as seemingly other than itself. Ultimately, all apparent meaning is dreamt by Now. One could say that from the perspective of the dreamt object there appears to be a meaning in realising this.

Meaning is the same as ‘what matters’.

I like the quote of Jordan Peterson “The world is not made of Matter, the world is made of ‘What-Matters’­. It contains a lot of truth. When strictly nothing matters at all, the worlds cease. Having said this, I see that there is the possibility that ‘what matters’ can have an optional, playful flair. To build a sand castle at the beach – does it matter to the children? It doesn’t matter to the extent where the children get worried about the next big wave. However, they may still give the castle some meaning within the scope of playfulness while it lasts, and they may even enjoy the drama of the wave eventually flattening everything.

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