Can anything be done to wake up?

A yearning for freedom keeps nagging, and this can lead to a desperate feeling of helplessness. The question arises ‘Is there anything that can be done to make freedom happen?’

The ‘Nonduality scene’ is divided in answering this question. For some listeners, the statement that ‘nothing can be done as there is no-one to do anything’ (Tony Parsons) is a great relief, and instant insight may happen. For others, this statement is unacceptable, and then the search continues.

People throughout the ages have offered assistance – one way or other – to facilitate the awakening to nondual insight.

Some facilitators have come across as being radical and uncompromising, seemingly without compassion; others have come across as loving, showing more apparent gestures of pleasing the apparent, questioning seeker.

Guidance and exercises that promise to reveal more elevated states of awareness to the seeker – in an imagined future – are brushed aside. Still, for those who seek clarification and who desire realisation, their questions are perceived to have validity. Such seekers welcome assistance, if available, in anticipation that it may trigger genuine recognition of boundlessness.

Some ‘nondualists’ see exercises as being detrimental to the awakening to ‘what is already the case.’ Others see practices to be useful tools in making the mental activity less domineering, thereby increasing the chances for the mind to loosen its seeming grip on awareness.

The bottom line is: Whatever happens in the lifestream of a person, whether it is thinking, sensing or exercising, there is no need to imply an imagined, separate entity that does these things.

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