Here is my definition of enlightenment: It is the clear seeing that it is a false assumption to be a separate individual, and that this assumption is only based on identifications with sections in memory – past screen shots of a body we call ‘me.’ Who owns the light for this realization? It can’t be a separate individual as that has been seen to be fake. The story prior to enlightenment fades into nothingness – as if it never happened. Listening to such stories can create headaches as those stories are specific stories. Such headaches are natural indicators that we should not give any importance to the stories, no matter how dramatic they sound. The belief in the drama itself is the sole distraction from naturally seeing the scene in an enlightened way.

Grew up in Germany
Interest in Self Realization 1970
Initiated into TM (1970)
Met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and became TM teacher (1973)
Met Jiddu Krishnamurti several times in Switzerland
Met U G Krishnamurti several times in Switzerland
Organized ‘Esoteric Holidays’ and invited speakers from different traditionsSailor Bob and Dietrich
Resigned as TM teacher as the organization didn’t like these holidays (1977)
Initiated into Kriya Yoga by Swami Hariharanana Giri who stayed at Dietrich’s farm house. (Hariharananda was co-student of Yogananda – both had Sri Yukteswar Giri as their teacher) (1977)
Immigrated to Australia (1985)
Travel to India (South and North – Rishikesh), mixing with messengers of truth.
Met Sailor Bob Adamson in the 1990’s for the first time (foto taken in 2014)
Met Gangaji in Byron Bay (Australia)
Met Tony Parsons in Kisslegg, Germany (2013)
Enjoyed contact with Francis Lucille, Rupert Spira, Paul Smit, Jac O’Keeffe, Unmani and others at the Science and Nonduality Conference San Jose 2014.
Particularly helpful pointers have also come from Paul Hedderman.
Enjoy the multitude of ways that express ‘what is / what is happening.’

…as if nothing ever happened.

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