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5 Responses

  1. Dear Dietrich,
    I have recently moved and in sorting out my many things I have collected over time I came across your little book Discovering Fundamental Happiness I know I have had it for ages however I can’t remember where I brought it from. ☺️
    I really like the way you write you put the understanding of thoughts and triggers, what a lot of people have written huge books about and made it very complicated, in a very understandable way and so easy to read and re-read.
    Thank you very much for making it available.
    Kindest regards

  2. Hello Dietrich
    My name is Bernard Michel and I live in Toowoomba. I’ve only recently found your web site and it seems we have a lot in common. I also have a fascination with non-duality, ever since discovering Ramana Maharshi about 10 years ago, in a book called “Coming Home” by Lex Hixon. Currently, a small group of us meet twice a month to watch You Tube videos and Rick Archer is high on our play list. I’ve watched your interview of Rick and enjoyed it immensely, in particular your question about how reincarnation could fit into a non-dual vision …. which Rick struggled to answer. I agree that Rupert Spira is probably the most eloquent spokesman for non-duality today and his take on reincarnation seems to be the most plausible. I’ve also recently discovered Bernardo Kastrup, who seems to be a friend of Ruperts, and I intend to buy his 2 latest books. Now, I think, is a very exciting time, with non-duality growing the way it is. It’s such a wonderful view of reality, with so much potential. Despite this, here in Toowoomba, there are very few of us who share this vision, and it’s nice to know that another group, close by, is on the same wave length. My daughter has helped me to download your app. so perhaps we can exchange thoughts and ideas from time to time.
    Looking forward to hearing from you…

    1. Hello Bernard,
      I realize you left this comment this time ago.
      But I have not long ago moved to Toowoomba & just stumbled on your comment.
      I am also interested in non duality teachings.
      Just wondered if you know of any gatherings or groups in Toowoomba along the lines of non duality.
      Thanks Dale.
      My email is
      [email protected]

  3. Similarly following non duality for a number of years. Live on Darling Downs also- has a group established itself? Could be interested too!

    1. It is too far from Brisbane to travel regularly. It might be an option to meet on occasion on a virtual platform.

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