Questions from Fred C.

The following was posted by Fred C:

There are a lot more ‘dodgy’ concepts put out by non-dual ‘communicators’ that need clarifying too:

1. There is nothing you can do to realise reality because there is no one.

2. It is hopeless. Life is utterly meaningless

3. “i am not a teacher because I can’t teach you to be who you already are”

4. There is nothing you can do because awakening is uncaused (but at the same time there is an admittance that liberation is gradual, as if there really is a cause and effect path- or a someone who traverses it)

5. “Realisation is the realisation that there is no I” — what so realised beings only go around always noticing that there is no I anymore and that’s all there is to it?

6. Compassion is not required and a hangover from old spiritual teachings that don’t work 7. Wisdom is not needed in the modern non-dual communication as there is no one to be wise.

8. ALL there is is THIS

9. There is Nothing, period!

10. Liberation doesn’t make you a better or wiser person, you can still be a horrible, nasty, small minded person who causes harm to others and be liberated.

11. It has got nothing to do with thoughts and thinking but energy. Energy is contracted in the body and this is the cause of a me that feels small and restricted. 12. The energy needs to shift from contracted to uncontracted for awakening to occur.



Seeing the self-evident presence of Being can occur without looking for it, but for the vast majority of people there has been interest in the subject of awakening and liberation before awakening happens.

In many cases there have been glimpses or phases of awakening, alternating with reappearances of the suffering ego. The best way to handle these phases of ‘ignorance’ is not to resist these. This approach is still associated with a ‘me’ that tries not to resist ‘what happens,’ but this genuine willingness of the imagined me to give way to life’s movements as they present themselves can weaken the tendency to contract in the face of ‘what is happening.’ Even contractions are seen as ‘what is happening,’ and in this way the contractions are not fueled by the resistance towards contractions.

As humans, we are conditioned to look for pleasure and to avoid suffering. Neither of these approaches make us see what is already here. To reject pleasures and to want suffering is a ‘religious’ perversion. It is based on the idea that it is virtuous to suffer. It is totally unnatural.

Non-resistance causes the reappearances of the ‘ego’ to weaken. Non-resistance is happening just by seeing whatever comes up, without diverting from it by imagining a preferred future or by comparing a current sensation with any other (preferred or avoided) sensations that may be stored in the memory bank.