Rupert Spira: Contribution

Comment (Dietrich):
The beauty of what is being said is radically unconditional to the extent where it is being rejected by the conditioned mind. It is easy for the conditioned mind to relate to apparently pleasant events as divine expressions. The challenge for the unexamined, conditioned mind is that unpleasant events are divine expressions as well. Realising this activates pleasant events and reduces unpleasant events, whereas ignoring this (or resisting this invitation to realize this) activates more unpleasant events – all happening within the same, undivided life. It’s one of the rules, set by consciousness. To ‘contribute’ means to live from this realisation as it warrants both absence of lack and occurrence of more pleasantness. The focus is neither on ‘contributing’ nor on ‘pleasantness.’ The focus is simply on ‘what is happening’ rather than what should happen.

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