Emotions after Awakening

This is a comment on a video:

The main point is that after awakening there is the underlying, all-pervading sense that whatever has appeared and is appearing is not resisted by any belief that it should not have happened or should not happen. Even if there is an apparent short-term mental/emotional resistance to a condition (health-related, environmental, economical, political – you name it) it is still pervaded by the underlying sense of okayness. Some would call it universal love. Natalie’s statement can easily be misunderstood. I also think that this okayness will, as a rule, increasingly infiltrate old habits related to old self-concerns, mellow them down, and NOT increase them.

The inhibiting ‘filter’ (Natalie), consisting of the do’s and dont’s of an approval dependent, imagined person, may not be there anymore, and therefore any emotions can flow more freely, but this filter has been replaced by this unconditional boundlessness, okayness or unconditional love. This is a fundamental difference, compared to the situation before awakening. It is fulfilling, and therefore it spontaneously deletes the imagined dependence on limied sources of satisfaction. Emotions that are related to an assumed need to be satisfied by circumstances will decline accordingly, including Natalie’s.
Preferences for soothing circumstances will always remain, but the assumed need (dependence) is no more.

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